It is a low impact conditioning form of exercise developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates and is currently practiced and enjoyed worldwide.

Pilates compels us to pay attention to our breathing and postures in our daily lives thus enhancing our efficiency and quality of movements.

From sedentary works to supreme athletes, there are benefits for all.



Pilates is widely recommended by physicians and physiotherapists for rehabilitation after injury or surgery. A good Pilates session allows a high degree of flexibility with modifications for all physical abilities.

Pilates addresses imbalances in the muscles of the body putting stress and strain on the musculoskeletal system. By focusing on alignment and by rebalancing muscle activity, we re-educate the body to a healthier state, enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal.


Cape Dance Academy

Cape Academy of Dance is a boutique dance school in Sea Point offering Cecchetti Ballet, CDTA Modern, Tap and Stretch, Strength and Conditioning classes for all ages. We strive to offer creative, innovative and motivational classes which give adults and children a sense of accomplishment as well as hours of fun. Through these classes, my goal is to help people love their bodies and share my knowledge to give them the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that through nurture, loving discipline and delicate attention to detail, we can ensure that dancers are equipped not only with the physical benefits of dance, but also with the emotional and social benefits offered by all its disciplines.

My vision is that through dancing and being part of a dance school, my students not only improve their physical health and dance ability but also develop their emotional intelligence and enhance socialisation and creativity.


Pre-and post-natal Pilates

Pre-natal Pilates is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise for moms-to-be, addressing constant adjustments of postural alignment and overall body mechanics as their bodies continue to change through pregnancy.

During pregnancy and delivery of your baby the key supporting core muscles are often overly stretched becoming weakened and inhibited. Post-natal Pilates is a very efficient
way to teach and develop optimal pelvic floor function and reactivation of all core muscles.

It can be adapted to every stage of your recovery taking into account the various demands on your body post-partum. Practicing Pilates regularly throughout your pregnancy will allow you to benefit from a quicker recovery after the birth of your child and a speedy return to full strength.