My interest in wellbeing started with the mind, which led me to a major in Psychology and minor in Applied Behavioural Science at the University of Kansas. I recognized wellness has many facets and the health of both the mind + body have great importance, and in-fact go hand-in-hand. Being a participant and lover of movement I decided to journey into the body through Pilates and became a comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor in 2017. I learned and continue to learn the magnificent way each individual body moves through this modality. Through Pilates one is able to strengthen, lengthen, mobilize, rehabilitate, and understand the way their specific body moves.

As an instructor I value helping people connect to themselves and their bodies. I like to bring balance, hard work and passion into the session giving clients a time and space to be present, grow and give to themselves. I approach my practice with both knowledge and intuition, as they both have their own incredible superpowers.

In addition to Psychology and Pilates, I am also a Body Stress Release practitioner. Through BSR, I help the body release and let go of stored tension. I have found the combination of these practices to be a great holistic approach to my clients and thoroughly enjoy helping them in their overall wellbeing.