I originally trained as a professional ballroom dancer from an early age and subsequently used my practical experience as an opportunity to teach dance for the following 9 years. My love and passion for movement and an active lifestyle has been a priority since then. It was the relocation to South Africa, which offered me a new avenue in Pilates.

Inspired by the great amount of benefits of Pilates practice in overall body mechanics, I decided to further my teaching career to become a comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor under the mentorship of Ed Botha.

In order to further my education I have taken various workshops / certification courses such as: BASI Mentor Program, Pilates for Rehabilitation, Anatomy of Movement, Pilates For Men, Myofascial Release by signal pulse technique, as well as attended international conferences e.g. Learning From The Leaders.

Having worked with a diversity of injuries, I enjoy seeing the development and improvement in my clients through Pilates. I take a very hands on approach to teaching and desire to make a positive impact on each client by integrating healthy movement into their everyday lives.

In every session my clients will receive a rigorous but safe work-out with a personal and nurturing touch. I aim to leave you excited to develop your knowledge of this profoundly transformational practice.