It was my teenage love of sport and passion for movement that led me to pursue a career in physiotherapy. After graduating with honours from Bradford School of Physiotherapy in 1995, I went on to work in the British NHS for 5 years specializing in musculoskeletal injuries. Later, in the private sector, I worked in rehabilitation facilities whilst completing my Muscle Imbalance training under Mark Comerford in 1998.

Guided by my other passion, travel, I arrived in Cape Town in 1999 and fell in love with South Africa. I’ve been here ever since.  In 2001 I trained as a Pilates instructor and went on to complete the internationally recognized BASI comprehensive training under the mentorship of Ed Botha.

I love the challenge of rehabilitation, taking a special interest in muscle imbalance and myofascial release. I combine my hands on Physiotherapy approach with my pilates training to maximise function in my client’s chosen activities, be they competitive sport or daily life.

It is my genuine belief that a healthy lifestyle is best achieved through a holistic approach to physical and emotional wellbeing. I am committed to constantly striving to achieve that balance, not just in my own life, but in the lives of those with whom I work.