Movement has always been a part of my life. Ballet and dance, lifelong passions. In 2012, I discovered an exercise modality, Barre, which is a fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga, choreographed to a strong beat. I loved it instantly. So much so that a few years later, after I had retired from an incredible corporate job, I went to New York to study at the feet of my Barre gurus, Fred De Vito and Elisabeth Halfpapp and I was certified by Exhale to teach Barre.

With the intention of deepening my Barre practice, I enrolled in STOTT Pilates classes with Lisa Palmer at The Movement Lab and was immediately hooked by the enduring Pilates principles of control and precision. Before long I had signed up for various certification courses and workshops such as STOTT Pilates Intensive Mat & Reformer courses, Injuries & Special Populations (ISP), Zenga Instructor Foundation course (inspired by yoga, taichi, Pilates and dance), Total Barre Instructor Foundation course, Anatomy Review workshop and many more. I love learning about anatomy, how the body works, movement patterns and am inspired to share my knowledge with others. It brings me immense pleasure to guide people in their quest to get stronger and find joy in movement in a safe, fun but challenging setting.

In my second career, I’m having the time of my life!